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HeartSong Therapy is a psychotherapy site dedicated to you, your emotional health with an empathic heart and utmost confidentiality. 

Call for a free telephone consultation 314-651-8290

Email for your free ebook “Take a journey on the Chakra Rainbow Bridge” on using the chakra system for psychological healing!

You know how great it feels when life is like skipping to a happy melody, but something happens and it seems you can’t get in tune. You normally have access to personal strength, but sometimes you begin to wonder if you’re really still following your path.

Your heart has the answers for you, this is the basis for all the information on this site. You have the inner knowledge and wisdom to make your own decisions to create the life you want. Your intuition holds the key to reduce your stress, to find your meaning, and to live more fully in the present moment.

I have been studying various methods of healing while living in the Gila Wilderness in Silver City, New Mexico, meeting teachers and mentors who teach about herbs, about healing methods such as Reiki, Guided Imagery and Music Therapy, the Chakra system, as well as receiving my MA in Counseling.
Wandering through the wilderness, playing my flute, accompanied by my dog Baby, and living on the edge of civilization has brought about transformation in my life that I wish to share with you.

I’d love to talk with you about the challenges and obstacles are you encountering in your life. What problems are you facing? What pain are you feeling? What is causing that pain?  What do you lie in bed worrying about?

Most of the time you are working towards what gives you meaning, but sometimes you sense a doubt and you wonder, isn’t there something more to life? Or you might feel that everything you’ve been told about how to be successful doesn’t seem to be working for you? Or you wonder, do I really know my purpose?

What are your stuck spots? Where you want to grow and heal? How do you get meaning in your life? give you steps to follow so you can experience inner creativity and joyful relationship with yourself and others.

This is when talking to someone who “gets it” can help clear your mind and find your unique Heart Song.

Contact me for a free telephone consultation.

  • For professional information and licenses, scroll through my About page and my Personal Theory page.

Me in El JunqueClick on the links to learn more about:

  • the Mind; how we think about things can affect us deeply
  • the Body; how physical issues can affect our emotions,
  • the Spirit; how we make meaning,
  • the Heart; how we love, how we are in relationship,
  •  Music; for your soul, musical meditations, poetry,
  • Retreats and Workshops; opportunities to experience peace and healing in natural settings

Explore this website to find keys to expand inner creativity, create a holistic approach to health, and build joyful relationships with yourself and others.

Take hikes through nature, dance in the joy of life, sing around the fire, maybe just a candle flame or a large bonfire, learn to quiet your mind with specially created grounding meditations and music when you sign up for workshops and retreats.

If you have questions, feel free to comment or contact me!

Here is what previous clients have reported on their therapy and workshop experiences with me:

CQ:  Erica came into my life through El Refugio.  She reached in & brought my inner child out.  She nurtured that child, allowing me to see the beauty within.  She has taught me so much more than what I dreamed could be possible. . . . read more

Schedule individual sessions with me to explore your inner healing & find your heartsong.

*Integrative counseling therapy is a holistic orientation that includes the mind, body, heart, and spirit. This is called a bio-psycho-social approach. This approach involves all the parts of your life.

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Find Erica May Randolph on Psychology Today

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