Client experiences:
Erica came into my life through El Refugio.  She reached in & brought my inner child out.  She nurtured that child, allowing me to see the beauty within.  She has taught me so much more than what I dreamed could be possible.  I feel that I would not be here, if not for her intervention in my life.  She has taught me how to recognize abusive behavior on every level.  I had no idea that being ignored was such an insidious form of abuse.  She has taught me how to love myself, a gift beyond measure.  I am living without an abusive man in my life for the first time since age sixteen, thanks to Erica Mae.  I am almost fifty.   I am happy being alone & enjoying all the pleasures that life has to offer, for the first time since childhood.  I would recommend Erica in healing on every level to anyone.
Carol Quandt
.           .
I am grateful to have journeyed with you this year.
Great Love, Light and Abundance,
Midnight Skies Illuminata
Professional recommendations:
I have known Erica for 6 years.  I have supervised  her as a  counseling intern and later also known her as a professional colleague. Erica is a creative and passionate person both in her work and in her life.  She has a thirst for knowledge and is always learning new things.  Erica is reflective, reliable, and talented in her skill with children and adults.  I would recommend and support you hiring Erica for your psychological needs.
Angel Toyota-Sharpe LPCC, RPT-S, IMH-E@IV4

I have known Erica Randolph for 6 years as a friend, a musical partner, and am well aware of her work as a counselor, for we have discussed that field many times together. My own long term work as a psychotherapist, teacher, and healer allowed me to knowledgeably recognize her capacities as a counselor. I think her excellent, both in terms of her depth of knowledge of the field and, most importantly, her deep capacity for empathy and insight into the people she helps. I have seen her show tremendous dedication to her work and her clients over many years. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. As a musical partner, which is where I have personally worked with her, I found her to be dedicated, timely, deeply knowledgeable, and someone upon which I could unreservedly depend. If you know anything about musicians you would know that this is highly unusual. In addition, unlike the majority of musicians I have met, she is tremendously humble about her depth of knowledge. I find her unpretentious, kind, and a very good friend. And besides, she knows how to laugh.


Stephen Harrod Buhner


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