• How do you access your inner meaning?
  • What are steps you can take to know what your true spirituality is?

Browse through the pages to find clues, answers, and maybe more questions for your spiritual search.

In this section of the website I want to explore your spiritual questions, suggest spiritual practices and hear from you what works for you, and develop a true practice that addresses your needs.

Music is the elemental language of the soul and a powerful healing modality. Read about Music and Healing, Guided Imagery and Music Therapy, Altered States and Music, and how these modalities contribute to emotional health.

Where is the love? how can you love yourself more deeply? Click in the Heart page for more answers and more questions.

The Mind is a powerful organ. This is where we make known our meanings and put into words just what we believe, know, and care about.

Our Body is the physical manifestation of who we are in the world. Taking care of the mundane and seeing how intricately connected out physical health is to our emotional stability.

The Chakras are energy centers that can have a strong energetic influence on how you are in the world. This first post is an introduction to how the Chakra system can be used for psychological health. The next posts focus on the First Chakra, the Second Chakra, the Third Chakra, the Fourth Chakra, and the Fifth Chakra.


Keep coming back for more information about spiritual practices, comparative religions, meditations, myths, and meaning making exercises.


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